For my internship with Firebird Theater, I was in charge of over 30 children ages 10-17. I had to design a curriculum that would support and educate children on African Dance movement through the act of performing ‘Once On This Island Jr.’ My teaching philosophy drives the way I interact and lead movers in a space. For my Teaching Dance: Theory and Method course I developed and defined the importance of interacting with others.

My goal in the classroom is to create a safe space for creation, for movers to dance the best that they can, by respecting themselves, the space, and others. This student-centered teaching approach allows for comfort and stability in the classroom during this shared experience and process.

I want my students to be able to move freely in the space as efficiently as possible, therefore I encourage the use of breath, core initiation, and grounded movement. Dancers will be able to sense a new found connection to their body, leading them to discover their own unique artistry. ​

My technique classes are informed by Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain Dance in order to challenge the mind-body connection. We dive into understanding the concepts of space, time, energy and shape through the practice of body alignment, core support, movement quality, and dynamics. When teaching technique I pull from experiences in my dance history of learning Graham, Horton, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban, Fosse and Balanchine styles of movement.