The management of the studio like a dance company is done by an artistic director. However, this individual receives direction from a board of directors who is elected from within the community. Some of the things the board members advise the dance director on include fundraising and other operational elements (Housh).

Looking at the way Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance Company (SVRDC) runs their nonprofit since 1971, they have a board of directors including an artistic director. The artistic director is in charge of the dancing that goes on within the organization. They make all artistic decisions including choreography and dance casting alongside other dance leaders. The board is also made up of a president, vice president, secretary, financial officer and general board members. The secretary takes notes of the meetings and tracks volunteer hours of those involved in the organization. According to my interview with Kathy Neilson, the board always asks how they can make an educational contribution to the community they serve? Although the board meets throughout the year, about 6 times, they are extremely busy during the months of September to December. SVRDC’s main production is the holiday show: The Nutcracker. Due to the pandemic this year, they had to get creative, and made a film version instead of a live performance. Dancers had to prepare with normal rehearsals for 3 months, and filmed the production inside their large studio space.


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